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SsangYong motor is a well-known South Korean automobile manufacturing company. The company was established in March 4, 1954. Its headquarters are located in Pyeongtaek-s1, South Korea. SsangYong motor is famous for manufacturing high-quality durable vehicles. It mainly produces full-size SUV and sub-compact SUV with a body type 5 doors SUV and a 3 door SUV. It is the fourth largest South Korean company and has a very good global presence, especially in Australia and Europe where the company has a high reputation and great demand for SsangYong SUV’s


Ha, Dong-Hwan Motor workshop was the first name of SsangYong motor established in March 1954. In the beginning, Ha Dong-Hwan Motor produces trucks, buses, and special-purpose vehicles. Ha Dong-Hwan Motor exports most of its vehicles to various countries across the world

In 1974 the company start manufacturing top-quality jeeps.

In 1977 the company name changed to Dong-A Motors Co Ltd.

The Company changed its name many times but in 1986 the company was formally named SsangYong motor.

In 1991 SsangYong motor formed a powerful partnership with Mercedes Benz and with the help of Mercedes Benz, the SsangYong manufacture his product using Mercedes Benz technology. Musso and Rexton were the first and largest SsangYong SUV's which is built with Mercedes technology.

In 1997 Daewoo bought a majority stake in and its vehicles some of its vehicles were sold as Daewoo units.

In 2004 the company merged with the Chinese Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) and in the same year, the company launches its first 7 seat MPV named Rodius.

In 2011 company owned by India's largest utility vehicle maker “Mahindra and Mahindra”

Ssangyong Vehicles And Heavy Machinery:

SsangYong is the leading automobile manufacturer in South Korea, because of its versatile and reliable full-size SUV and subcompact SUVs. It produced the best quality, durable, tough, and, powerful SUVs. SsangYong vehicles ranges are Korando, Rexton, Musso, Rhino LWB, Musso grand, Tivoli, and Tivoli XLV.

SsangYong Business in the world:

SsangYong has a very good presence around the world. It is a multi-national corporation and has many subsidiaries all around the world that manufacture company standard products. In Eastern Europe, there are 22 subsidiaries. In the Middle East, there are 13 subsidiaries. In Asia and the Pacific, there are 20 subsidiaries. In Central America & South America there are 21 subsidiaries. In Africa, there are 16 subsidiaries. Russia and China both have only, one subsidiary

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