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Used Japanese Forklifts

Forklifts are generally powerful machinery equipped with 2 Fork in the front-facing part. A forklift is necessary machinery of every warehouse, seaports, airports, distribution centers, and all industrial and construction settings. A forklift has the ability to transport heavy material/goods more quickly and safely from one place to another. You can save more time and money by having the right forklift for the right job.

Forklift Loading Capacity

Forklifts are available in several variations and loading capacity. The loading capacity (Maximum weight) of every forklift is provided by the manufacturer and it is important that load must not exceed the defined load. Most of the forklifts that are used in warehouses, airports, and distributing centers having a load capacity of 1 to 5 tons. In seaports, some big are lifting very heavyweight which is up to 50 tons and these are used to load containers in ships.

Forklifts Types According To Design

• Electric Forklifts

• Reach fork Truck

• Order Picker

• Counter balance Forklift

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts are mostly used indoors and on a flat surface. Like any other forklift, electric forklift are used to transfer material for short distances.

Reach fork Truck

The reach fork truck is a warehouse truck and it is also mainly used for indoor work. Reach trucks are designed to work in narrow aisle warehousing spaces. Its main ability is that it can extend its forks much longer than other forklifts.

Order Picker

An order picker is used to pick and deliver materials from storage. Reaching heights of up to 32 ft. these machines are designed to lift operators up to warehouse racks and carry individual units.

Counterbalance Forklift

The counterbalance forklift is a popular that features two forks in the front and has ability to drive close to a load to pick it up and move. Counterbalance forklift comes in 3 and 4 wheel variant including different engine type like gas, diesel and electric.

Used Forklifts For Sale

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Used Forklifts Price

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