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Grader is a heavy-duty construction machine also known by many names like grader motor or road grader. It is most commonly used in road construction and maintenance work and also a very useful machine for building development, mining sites, Snow removal, infrastructure work, and all other civil engineering projects.

Working Principle:

Grader is a kind of machine that is being used to create flat surface or leveling the surface with the help of his strong blade that is fixed in the middle of the grader. The grader can easily level any uneven surface. The design of the grader is very unique as compare to other heavy machinery. The grader consists of three parts, the front wheel part, the second blade part, and the third cabin and engine part and they all connected with one engine. The long blade of the grader which is in the middle of the front and rear wheel is fully hydraulic and that can be extended from both right and left side. The height of the blade is also adjustable when the height of the blade is lower it means the grader is used to level the uneven surface and if the blade of the grader is higher than the ground level that means the grader is used to give a smooth finish to the ground.

Advantages of Graders:

Some of the main advantages of motor grader are:

• Work fast, efficient and high performance in any construction.

• No need for any other machine to drag grader at a construction site, its can drive easily.

• Accurate work in less time.

• Highly Suitable for large projects.

Uses of Graders:

Graders are very powerful and versatile machine and most commonly used in the following task:

• Removing snow

• Shifting dirt

• Leveling soil

• Scarifying

• Spread materials

• Road construction

• Road maintenance

• Set the foundation for a large and big building

Difference between Grader and Bulldozer:

Bulldozers are used to clear land by pushing materials in large quantities or to demolish structures by applying force. Bulldozers are easily working on rough terrain. It is used for small or medium-sized projects. While grader is used for fine grading, it is working in large and open areas and is most commonly used for road construction and road repair projects.

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