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Used Isuzu Heavy Machinery For Sale With Price

Used Isuzu Heavy Machinery For Sale:

Isuzu Motor Ltd. is one of the top Japanese manufacturing company. It is famous for its diesel engine and commercial vehicles and is well known worldwide by the name Isuzu. Yoshisuke Aikawa in 1916 established the company and its headquarter is situated in Shinagawa City, Tokyo, Japan.

Isuzu Motor Ltd. aim is very simple to be the global leader in the diesel engines and commercial vehicles industry and there is no doubt that soon they will reach that point. It is well known and trusted around the world due to its high-quality trucks which are very reliable, tough, durable, and, powerful. It annually sales reaching 200,000 units. This puts them in serious competition with other manufactures in the line of heavy and light-duty trucks.

Isuzu Commercial Vehicles:

In 1916 the Isuzu Motor Ltd. initiated to produce top-quality commercial vehicles and over 100 years later, now the company is the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world and this is the big achievement. Company produced medium size trucks, large heavy-duty trucks, buses, small and medium light-duty trucks, passenger vehicles and exports them to the various countries around the world.

Isuzu Business In The World:

In the national and international commercial vehicle market, the Isuzu trucks have great demand either it is a new or used truck. Isuzu Motor Ltd. has many subsidiaries around the world namely motors America, United Kingdom, commercial trucks of Canada, Astra Motor Indonesia, motors de Mexico, South Africa, motors Germany, Philippines, motors Saudi Arabia, East Africa, Australia, India, Taiwan motors, Jiangxi motor and Vietnam.

Isuzu Famous Truck Models

Isuzu ELF Truck: The ELF also known as the N series in Asian countries is a medium-size heavy-duty truck is specially designed to transport large amounts of commercial goods and cargo. The size of the Elf Truck and loading capacity are very good.

Isuzu Forward Truck: The Forward is medium size commercial vehicle also known as the F series. The Forward truck is available in different transmissions like 4WD and 2WD and different diesel engine sizes 8200cc, 7800cc, 7200cc, 6500cc, 5800cc, or 5200cc depending on the market to be sold.

Isuzu Giga Truck: The Giga is also known as the C/E series is a large-size full heavy duty commercial truck produced in 1994. The Giga is available in different transmissions like 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, 7-speed manual, 6-speed automatic, 10-speed automatic with body style 2 door cap or 4 door cap.

Used Isuzu Trucks price:

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