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Pavers are known by many names such as paver machine, paver finisher, paver vehicle, and asphalt finisher. It is a heavy equipment machine used for construction work mostly used for lay asphalt in smooth, uniform, and even layers while building roads, parking lots, bridges, and other such places. Laying asphalt to create the carpeted surface is one of the primary practices of any road construction site around the world. For making this work more efficient, Paves was designed.

Types of Pavers:

Paving machines can be modified as needed with the addition of new features like automatic leveling systems or an integrated spraying system. Paver’s machines can be mounted on wheels or tracks depending on the nature of the paving stones. There are many types of paver’s machine but most of the commonly used pavers are:

Wheel Pavers:

Wheel paver is moved faster than crawler and concrete pavers. Wheel pavers are mostly used in highway building because they cover a long distance in a quick time.

Crawler Pavers:

Crawler pavers are also called tracked. It has better stability and usually turns in a tighter space. It can easily work in sandy, wet or softer conditions.

Screed pavers:

Screed paver is a very huge machine and it is used for high precision cylinder finish pavement for concrete slabs such as road, airport aprons & factory floors.

Top Manufactural Brands of Pavers:

There are numbers of manufacturer’s brands that manufacture good quality but some of the famous paver’s brands are Caterpillar, Volvo, Bomag, Dynapac, and XCMG. These manufactural brands are well known for their durability, reliability, and performance.

Used Pavers for Sale:

Used Japanese pavers are famous all over the world. Used Japanese paver’s are well known for their durability and reliability. Autocraft japan is the best platform for you to find your best at a very reasonable price. Autocraft Japan offers used pavers for sale because buying used is a cost-efficient alternative to rental or buying new ones.

Used Pavers Price:

Used paver's price depends on its age and type. New costs a lot as compared to used pavers that’s why most of the peoples around the world prefer used pavers for their road-building construction needs. Autocraft japan accepting offers for all used pavers. Send us your best offer through inquiries or contact our agent to know the used paver's price and purchased fully inspected and high-performance pavers.