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Used Hino for sale:

Hino Motor Ltd. is a popular Japanese manufacturer brand. Hino motor Ltd. is famous for its commercial vehicles and diesel engines. It is commonly known worldwide by the name of Hino. The company is the second leading Japanese diesel engines and Commercial Vehicles Manufacturer Company after Isuzu Motor Ltd. The company was established by Toyota Motor Corporation, headquarter is located in Hino, Tokyo, Japan. It has a very good global presence especially in the Asian market the company has great demand for trucks, buses, and medium-size vehicles.


Hino Motor Ltd. is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation and among 16 significant companies of the Toyota Group. In 1910 Hino is a Tokyo gas industry company but after few years the company started dealing with electronic parts, so the name Tokyo gas is changed into Electric Industry. The Company starts producing its first vehicle which was a truck in 1917. It also contributes to World War II by producing top-class trucks which are only used by the army. After World War II, it was formally named Hino Industry Co.

Hino Business in the world:

It has a very good global presence because of its best quality, durable, tough, and, powerful trucks. It is a multi-national corporation it has many subsidiaries all around the world that manufacture company standard products. In North America, there are 2 subsidiaries USA, and, Canada. In Europe, there are 2 subsidiaries Russia, and, Belgium. In the Middle East, there are 2 subsidiaries Pakistan, and, UAE. In Oceania, there is only 1 subsidiary in Australia. In Asia, there are 7 subsidiaries Vietnam, India, Philippines, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. In Central America & South America there are 5 subsidiaries Panama, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, and, Colombia.

Famous Hino Trucks:

Hino Motor Ltd. is the 2nd largest truck manufacturer in the world. Its produces small light-duty, medium size, large heavy-duty trucks, buses, and, passenger vehicles and exports them to various countries across the world. Some of the famous models are Ranger, Profia, Rainbow, Dutro, Dolphin, and 700 series truck, etc.

Used Hino Truck price:

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