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Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd. is a Japanese automobile manufacturer company established on March 1, 1951, as a successor of Hatsudoki Seizo co. Ltd. In the past, the company produces and sell internal combustion engines. In 1931 this company launched 3 wheel car with a 500cc gasoline engine. Hatsudoki Seizo co. Ltd. is the old name of Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd. In December 1951 the company got its present name called "Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd" After success in its field the Daihatsu motor Starts cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation in 1967. As worlds know it is one of the famous Japanese automobile manufacturer company and very much popular in the automobile industry worldwide.

Daihatsu Vehicles range:

Company firmly believes in developing innovation and creativity in their commercial automobiles and luxurious vehicles pleasing the needs of the potential and interested customers. Company deals in Passenger cars including Boon, Move, Ayla, Fellow max, Charade, Valera, Terios, Copen, Compagno, Domino, Mira e:S, Charmant, Leeza, Luxio, Altis, Taft, Taruna, Sonica, Feroza/Rocky, Charade, Sirion, Tanto, Sportrak, Ceria, Cuore, and many other. Apart from passenger cars, the commercial automobiles are also available in used version worldwide that includes Hijet, Delta, Vesta, Midget II, and F175/D150 (bonnet truck).

Used Daihatsu vehicles:

Daihatsu is rated as one of the top ten Japanese vehicle manufacturers. It conducts sales in more than 120 countries around the world. Not only does it manufacture passenger cars but also trucks, and utility vehicles.

It is not only famous for brand new cars also get high fame for its used cars because Daihatsu cars are highly fueled efficient, affordable, and easy to maintain.

Used Daihatsu Heavy Machinery For Sale:

Used Daihatsu heavy machines are builds with high quality standards, latest features, safety, & long life of the machinery. Autocraft japan Ltd offering a variety of used Daihatsu heavy machinery for sale. Autocraft Japan export used heavy trucks like Hijet, Delta, Vesta, Midget II, and F175/D150 directly from Japan to other countries. If you are looking for quality used machinery Daihatsu is the best choice for you.

Used Daihatsu Machinery price:

Used Daihatsu heavy machinery for sales on Autocraft Japan at very cheap prices. Used Daihatsu heavy machinery price depends on the condition of machinery.Select Used Daihatsu Machinery of your choice from our stock and send us an enquiry our customer support agent will get back to you within 24 hours. All machineries on Autocraft japan are well maintained and available in excellent condition.